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Adult Orthodontic Services – Perrin Orthodontics

Myofunctional Therapy

Orthodontic problems are often caused by imbalances and abnormal behaviours of the muscles of our lips, cheeks and tongue. Of special concern is how we rest our tongue when we are not eating, speaking or swallowing.

These abnormal behaviours are most commonly caused by:

  1. Difficulty breathing through the nose, in particular when sleeping
  2. Prolonged suckling habits. Whether it be a thumb, finger, soother, bottle, sippy cup or blanket, non-nutritive suckling beyond the age of two can cause problems.
  3. An abnormal attachment of the lingual frenum or tongue-tie can cause an abnormal tongue posture.

These abnormal behaviours cause orthodontic problems, complicate orthodontic treatment and most importantly, can greatly increase stability concerns for the final orthodontic result.

Perrin Orthodontics has an in-house Orofacial Myofunctional Therapist that can help, through a series of prescribed exercises, normalize your breathing pattern and the behaviour of your lip, cheek and tongue muscles. This can reduce orthodontic treatment complexity and increasing orthodontic stability.