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Traditional Orthodontic Treatment

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Metal Braces

The vast majority of our patients still chose traditional metal braces. They are the most reliable, predictable and cost effective way to correct your orthodontic concerns.

Clear Braces

Are popular with our adult patients as they are much less noticeable that metal braces. They are more work though. You need to be even more careful with hard or sticking things in your diet as clear braces are not as strong as metal braces. They are also more difficult to keep clean. You will need to pay more attention to things in your diet that could stain the clear rubber ties on your clear braces.

Coloured Braces

Coloured ties can be added to either traditional metal braces or clear braces. There are 25 colour choices you can pick from to customize your braces to reflect your own personality. The coloured ties can be changed at each appointment. Match your colours to seasonal events (Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Canada Day etc.) or match them to your favourite sports team. Coloured braces are most popular with kids and teens.

The following colours are available: