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Important Information Regarding the Return to Orthodontic Treatment

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Types of Braces (Appliances)

Traditional Silver

Traditional Braces The most common, most reliable, most predictable and most efficient braces. Easy to work with but very noticeable. To some patients, this is not a problem, but some patients want braces that look less noticeable.


Coloured Braces
The same braces as Traditional Silver, but with optional, changeable coloured ties. 25 different colours that can be changed, mixed and matched at every appointment. Coloured braces are very popular with children and teenagers.


Clear Braces Less noticeable than Traditional Silver or Coloured braces, but not invisible. Also, not as durable, efficient or as easy to work with. More prone to staining. If you decide to use Clear braces, you have to be prepared to put even more effort into cleaning and caring for your braces. Slightly more expensive than Traditional Silver or Coloured Braces.


Combination Braces Clear braces on the upper teeth and Traditional Silver on the bottom teeth. The best of both worlds. Strong braces on the bottom where we need them, less noticeable braces on the upper teeth where you want them. Similar, but less concern about staining and breakage compared to full Clear Braces. Still slightly more expensive than Traditional Silver or Coloured.


Invisalign braces Virtually invisible, removable braces. High tech, computerized design and manufacturing process allows fabrication of a series of clear acrylic shells that move your teeth, just like braces, but without fixing them to your teeth. Very effective for minor to moderate orthodontic treatment but can’t be used for all patients. Dr. Perrin will let you know at your initial appointment if you are a good candidate for Invisalign appliances. Requires a commitment on your part to wear them 24 hours per day. More expensive than Traditional Silver, Coloured or Clear Braces.

Incognito (Lingual Braces)

Incognito Lingual Braces
Invisible Braces that are placed on the tongue side or your teeth. Can be utilized to treat virtually all orthodontic problems, but significantly more difficult to work with, more difficult to keep clean and less comfortable than Traditional Silver, Coloured, Clear or Invisalign Braces. Treatment tends to take longer and is significantly more expensive.